Nike subsidiary Converse brought us on for a collaboration on their new campaign. In a full photo production we put a twist on their original legendary sneaker by adding a modern and universal feel.

male model wearing bucket hat with bent down and hand holding his hat while displaying his converse shoe
male model with his hand interlocked wearing a converse hoodie
women model kneeled down showing her converse shoe with a white background
A view of black converse shoes cuffed tan jeans with a green background
a model sitting down with a zebra print converse shoe with a grey background beside a yellow background and another model with a cheetah print shoe with a yellow background
Male model wearing orange converse shoe blue jeans with a blue background
women model with hands on her head and a converse shirt on a double nose piercing with a brown background

a leg view with a model pulling up her white converse shoe wearing two gold rings with a white background
a view of three converse shoes to the far left in three different colors one black one blue and one white in the middle of photo you see a models lower body and shoes the model is wearing black modern converses the the left you the a ad with the title the varsity squad
women model sitting down wearing pink converses with a tie dye shirt and bucket hat

Women model wearing yellow jacket and white pants with cheetah print converse shoes in a blue background

a up close view of a converse shoe with the word clemson under a cuffed blue jean with a blue background
model sitting down wearing pink converse with a blue background
women model sitting down showing her white glitter converse shoe wearing a green jumpsuit with a yellow background
in the center of the photo you see a male model sitting down wearing all black and a black converse shoe to the left you see an up close view of a hand wearing to gold rings pulling up a white converse shoe to the right you see the ad word with the title future utility