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Adult Swim Tyrannic: Second Maiden Voyage Poster

$ 34.00 USD

The Tyrannic: Second Maiden Voyage was a fan experience produced by Adult Swim for 2015 New York Comic Con. Fans had a chance to win tickets at the convention booth, and the experience consisted of a party cruise boat that floated up and down the Hudson River. The event featured a performance by Rae Sremmurd at the end of the night. This poster was created as a giveaway to attendees and served as the key art for the branding of the entire event. It was executed entirely as a graphite pencil drawing, and comes in at 18x24” finished size, with a copper foil print for the words “Tyrannic” and “Adult Swim.” Adult Swim characters including Rick and Morty, Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Metalocalypse are inserted throughout the illustration. A limited number of these posters were produced and they have become a piece of Adult Swim history.