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Average Joe 01 Vinyl Toy

$ 147.00 USD

Average Joe 01 is a 10.5" custom molded and hand painted vinyl toy with moveable arms/feet and spinning head, limited to an edition of 500. The figure is the first vinyl toy designed and produced by Veazey Studio & Creative Library. Average Joe represents human connection, design innovation, and a global vision for good. We believe design has the fundamental ability to change the quality of life for humanity. Average Joe is a reminder of the capacity of a single person to help propel the world forward. Our wish is for you to keep Average Joe on your bookshelf as a reminder that we all have the same healing to do, adversity to overcome, and problems to solve. So keep spinning! 100% of the proceeds from Average Joe will directly fund Reading Room, our charitable program created to promote a passion for learning and creating through the donation of books and creative resources to underserved communities around the world.