Adult Swim on the Green Tour

Adult Swim produced a traveling event called the “Adult Swim on the Green Tour,” which included lawn games, free food, a giant spinning prize wheel, a plethora of prizes, and a screening of upcoming show pilots. It toured many cities across the country and was able to sell out in just about every town. An overall visual identity was designed and illustrated for the event, which transferred to various elements such as banners, signs, tents, a poster, cups, popcorn boxes, and many more.

illustration of a festival with the words adult swim on the green in the middle
photo of people walking inside a sign that says adult swim
people on a green lawn sitting on beach towel in front of a large screen
people on green grass looking excited under the adult swim sign
a floor photo on green grass in front of a large screen
many people waiting in line in front of adult swim signs
up close view of popcorn boxes with adult swim illustration on the front
up close view of adult swim logos on many popcorn boxes
close up view of adult swim illustrations on cup and popcorn boxes on the grass