Atlanta Rap Map

Painted by hand with acrylic paint and detail brushes, the Atlanta Rap Map took over three years to complete. Anything that is included on the map has been literally “put on the map” by being mentioned in a hit song (from classic underground staples, to local hits, to worldwide chart toppers) or an influential album. The research itself took over a year, as older artists were uncovered, and hundreds of albums were listened through in their entirety. Artists were selected for portraits based on their contribution to the genre, overall influence, and popularity/reach. The print itself measures 24” x 36”. The Atlanta Rap Map has sold thousands of copies and has shipped to 38 states and four countries. It has been acquired by the Library of Congress and the American Geographical Society Library for their permanent collections, and exhibited by the High Museum, National Black Arts Fest, and Atlanta Journal Constitution. It has received press from Essence, Bloomberg, Atlanta Magazine, Hypebeast, and Yahoo News. Prints of the poster can be purchased at