Square needed a series of illustrations for the inaugural issue of their printed brand magazine, The Reader. The magazine centered around small businesses in Atlanta and required an illustrated map of the city, plus various editorial illustrations. They asked for a series of illustrations from one artist/studio that would be executed in different styles but still work as part of a cohesive whole. Editorial illustrations were commissioned to accompany stories on a Christmas tree company inspired by John Lennon, a ballet school for preschoolers, and a quirky record store in Arizona. The illustrations were done in pencil. Several spot illustrations and a full-page drawing were created to accompany articles titled “Let’s Talk About Co-Retailng,” “Growing Pains,” and “Who Are Your Customers?” A black and white illustration of the owners of an ice cream company was also created for an additional article on a specific business.

a blue and orange illustration map with Atlanta on the header
a colorful illustration of two businessman and a businesswomen in a room they cannot stand up in looking at graph
a illustration of nine characters ranging from a baby to an elderly women with a red arrow pointing them to nine different items ranging from a boom box to a eggplant with a purple background
a black and white illustration of a vinyl being selected out of a vending machine
a photo of the inside of a magazine with an illustration in the bottom corner
a black and white illustration of a man made up of leaves with long hair and glasses
a black and white illustration of a ballerina girl standing on one leg on top of a horse
a photo of a magazine with a photo of a man wearing blue jeans in front of pine trees holding worker gloves and an article with a black and white illustration on the opposite page
 a photo of a magazine with a colorful illustration of a man selling insects and a women selling insect repellent
a photo of a magazine cover with the reader at the header and a man wearing all black on the stairs with green plants covering the stair rail
a black and white illustration of two men sitting on a park bench licking ice cream